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« on: April 16, 2010, 04:44:04 AM »
I unistalled the 2.0 then deleted the Bart folder in windows explorer prog files alwil software and then delete the Bart folder. I reinstalled the 2.0 and with no updates made ISO. This ISO works fine. I then fully update, make ISO and the ACPI.SYS error appears. I then used the ultra ISO prog and replaced updated system32 folder with the one from the none updated ISO and all works well and the virus defs are showing up to date as the system32 is part of the windows portion of the Bart CD so all Bart files are updated. The problem is you have to replace the system32 every time you update the ISO thru Bart. do not know why this has happened but this is working for me with 2.0 as the 1gig ram requirement on 3.0 just to boot is a bit much for allot of machines I work on. But the new 3.0 boots and works well on machines with a minimum of 1gig ram.