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Web Shield problems
« on: April 28, 2010, 04:16:25 PM »
Hi guys,

Using Avast 5 free version with XP and IE8 and Chrome.

The web shield page shows no activity on the graph but the little orange icon in the systray does go round when surfing.  I also tried the eicar url that someone posted in the other thread and avast alerted me to it.  So it seems that it is in fact working...

...but I tried to set up an exclusion to stop it working on the forum at because that forum is so slow and I thought avast might be slowing it even more, so I put* in the exclusions box but the little orange icon still goes round on those pages.

So it seems that while avast is actually shielding the web, the interface in the program isn't working.  The graph isn't working nor the exclusions.

I suspect having read the other thread, that it's simply a bug that isn't going to get sorted here but any ideas?