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Re: Comodo Time Machine
« Reply #60 on: June 24, 2010, 09:28:17 PM »
Some drawbacks: you "need" to use their internal defragmentation tool (not a 3rd party), you won't be able to run avast at boot time (but if you get infected, you can restore your system completely), image/backup tools needs attention to copy sector-by-sector.
You could have trouble if you have a multi boot (Linux & Windows) boot.
This changed a little. I mean, understanding how the tool works:
1. You can run avast at boot time without problem. The console is up before avast boot time scanning. It works.
2. You can create an image into a file and it will be ok. If you want full partition backup, you need copy sector-to-sector.
3. You can't use (yet) if Linux partitions are present.
4. You can run chkdsk or any other boot time program (like pagedefrag of sysinternals).

The defragmentation or erasing files is useless in this technology, as the disk writes (file rearrangement) will be redirected to free space (where the snapshots are).

I've finished the translation to Portuguese (Brazil) and the beta seems very stable (until now).
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