Author Topic: AIS - How to get AIS to see/consume Outlook 2007 safe/blocked sender lists  (Read 1643 times)

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Outlook 2007 provides a method to add email/domain name only address to the Safe Sender (whitelist) and Blocked Sender (blacklist) lists.

AIS appears to not use the entries from these Outlook 2007 list to populate the AIS white/black lists that AIS uses to identify Spam/Junk emails.


1) is there a setting to cause AIS to consume the native Outlook 2007 Safe/Blocked Sender lists?

2) is there an import method to move the contents of the Outlook 2007 lists into AIS white/black lists??


If there is no setting and no import (and export) method available in the AIS Outlook Add-In, I would like to add these to items to the 'wishlist' for the next version of the AIS Outlook Add-In.

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