Author Topic: Avast 5 mail shield differences btw XPSP3 32 and Vista 64?  (Read 2339 times)

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Curious situation.  My XP SP3 32 bit notebook is running Avast 5 FREE with latest updates as of today, and my wife's Vista 64 is running the same.  We both check the same email accounts on the same POP servers, and have both been getting the emails that include the UPS trojan and the iTunes gift cert trojan.  Both computers are set to scan, with the SSL turned off, both are running Thunderbird, etc. etc.

Here's what's weird:  The XP machine is letting these through, and when I check the headers, it says that Avast reports the messages as being clean.  On the Vista machine, however, I get the malware pop-up and audible warning and what I'd expect.  I even upped the heuristics setting on the XP machine and ticked every applicable box. 

Weird, Huh?

Any advice?  I couldn't find anything similar in searches...  Just lucky? ???


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Re: Avast 5 mail shield differences btw XPSP3 32 and Vista 64?
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no you couldn't find anything similar because as far as I know that's never been posted. That's interesting...anyway: are you a hundred percent sure about your settings in XP? do you actually have exactly the same settings in both OS'es. I know you said yes already ;D but please check again. What's your mail provider? gmail? thunderbird 3 on both XP and Vista?
 Could be the heuristics that randomly detected here and not idea. Can you post a screen shot of the mail shield alerts on Vista?
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