Author Topic: Sorry for this: I couldn't find any email from any supporter/moderator  (Read 3086 times)

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patrick | kcirtap

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Hello guys!

I guess either this topic will be removed or I'm the new potential victim.  8)
Since I'm a registered member (from the beginning checkbox "hide email from public" activated) at this forum my ISP reports junk emails since two months: (2010.07.01, 02:06) (2010.05.02, 01:09)
Any suggestions?
My email adress was created only for this forum.

However there's no "cancel account" option.
Why not?

Where isn't there an email to contact any forum support?

I don't like spam mails.

greetings patrick

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@ the OP: first if you checked "hide my email" then it wasn't shown publicly here, and second if you don't like spam , start but not disclosing your email addresses like you did in your post here. Also, if your junk mails came from here (which, as said, wasn't the case so far...might change since you now disclose them), how would deleting your forum account solve the problem??? once the spammers have your email address, it's too late ;D

 Now if you want to communicate privately with admins here, you can either pm them or email them. Guys from Avast generally don't hide their Avast email address. Look for people like vlk or igor ;)