Author Topic: Will avast! add clean files verified by real-time shield to persistent caching  (Read 2982 times)

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So, will it?


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Not sure about that one.  A full scan or two will populate it well enough. 

My best guess is yes, only because the options to enable it are in both the manual scan settings, and the file system shield settings.
Just a guess, though. :)

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avast! is only populating persistant cache with whitelisted files that don't change too often (mostly system files). All the others are used in transient cache. They are scanned and then cached until new VPS update or if the file is changed. Persistant cached files are only scanned if they are modified. It's working this way to ensure max performance without compromising any security.
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But to answer the original poster's question, Yes, it does.
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Thank you~