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Re: [SOLVED] A Little Advice Required. :)
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If you read all that I posted was it was only example of showing how many (i.e., the number of firewalls) that are now using some form of HIPS, whereas not too long there was mainly just Comodo and OA.
Ah. I get what you're saying now, that more firewalls are incororating HIPS. Sorry, my bad. ;)

Guess I read too many reviews/tests, security articles  -- but at this time I have not come across any one security app/suite I would trust enough to allow it to automatically make all the decisions. I'm in the firm belief that no one security app can catch everything, and using a layered approach overall the best security solution.  Hence I'm among those who never been fond of using a "security suite"--having all eggs in one basket.
Yeah, I wasn't fond of suites either. I tried various combinations of antivirus's and firewalls (I used PC Tools, Online Armor, Comodo, Zonealarm, etc) for several years now. But I tried the avast Suite and was impressed. :) (I don't use just avast, I use Malwarebytes, Super Antispyware, and Hitman Pro.)

If you know what a zero-day vulnerability is, then you'll know that there's a risk that any AV/AS may not be able to detect; e.g., AV-Comparatives and others Retrospective/Proactive type tests.
Yes, I am well aware. ;) That's why I don't just rely on my Antivirus/Antispyware, I always use the use the avast sandbox to virtualize my browser and test all downloads in it, use a limited user account, etc. (And of course, common sense ^-^) My comp has never been infected once over the last several years. :)

Well I really don't want to debate over this anymore (the Thread Starter's problem has been resolved a long time ago, and this is not directly related to the question) at least not here anyway. It is pointless to keep reviving an old solved thread, so... we must let it die. Best regards, Jon_T! :D