Author Topic: Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 beta has been released a few days ago.  (Read 20462 times)

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I said I was going to wait until MSE 2 was out of beta,

but went ahead and installed it along with the newest version

of Windows Firewall Control.

MSE 2 beta is lighter than MSE 1 and updates good so far.

AFAIK, there still isn't no webshield. :'(

I like it, but I like avast! 5 better. :)

Avast! team, how about a 64bit avast! 5 ???

The only thing different I noticed about W7FC

is the "scream" is toned down. ;D

I'm back from my trial of MSE 2.

MSE 2 beta updates a little bit longer after boot up than avast! 5,

that's good cause MSE 1 didn't.  On the con, MSE 2 beta takes

longer after boot up before my computer is usable.

I still don't care for W7FC, I like ZA better.

BTW, yesterday I updated ZA Pro to ZoneAlarm Pro 8) 8) 8)

ZoneAlarm Pro is much lighter than the previous version, really nice. 8)