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Help needed with installing avast!
« on: July 30, 2010, 06:53:11 PM »
Hi, i recently had major problems with my last notebook because i picked up a virus on her. I now have a new machine and would like to use avast on her.

However, it came with mcaffee and i am told that i need to uninstall mcaffee to install avast. The problem i can only seem to download and install the avast file whilst being online (it will not let me save the file so that i can log off and install avast once ive uninstalled mcaffee offline).  This means i will need to uninstall mcaffee, access the web completely unprotected and download the file straight from the download link.

I DO NOT want to do that.

Can i get a cd rom with avast on so i can install whilst not connected to the web, or is there a way to save the file and am i just missing it.

If not is there another good anti virus i can buy on cdrom to install or atleast save the download file for installation whilst offline to make sure i am safe when surfing?

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Re: Help needed with installing avast!
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2010, 07:40:52 PM »
You don't say what version of avast you are trying to install, free/Pro/AIS, but I presume the free version, so this info is based on that.

This is the full off-line installation file over 40MB, - Avast! Free antivirus Quick Start Guide

Download and save this file where you can find it again and I would also suggest you download some additional tools, to ensure McAfee is completely gone after you uninstall it so you don't have to go on-line unprotected.

- You didn't say which McAfee version, so here are the various tools:
- McAfee has an uninstall tool that you could run to ensure any possible remnants are removed.

2007 version -
Also see - How do I uninstall SecurityCenter?

1. download and save the avast off-line installation file.
2. download and save the relevant McAfee uninstall tool.
3. disconnect from the internet.
4. uninstall McAfee from the windows add remove programs, reboot.
5. run the McAfee uninstall tool, reboot
6. run the avast installation file, reboot.
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