Author Topic: Upgrading Avast 5.0 Windows 7 Crashing  (Read 3839 times)

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Upgrading Avast 5.0 Windows 7 Crashing
« on: July 29, 2010, 03:01:55 PM »
Current Program Version: 5.0.545
Current Virus Definition: 100728-1

Unable to update both. Tries for about 3 seconds then gives me an error. "The Package is broken". I received a blue screen and these are the details that windows 7 provided after reboot.

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:   BlueScreen
  OS Version:   6.1.7600.
  Locale ID:   1033

Additional information about the problem:
  BCCode:   7f
  BCP1:   0000000000000008
  BCP2:   0000000080050033
  BCP3:   00000000000006F8
  BCP4:   FFFFF80003053E58
  OS Version:   6_1_7600
  Service Pack:   0_0
  Product:   768_1

Files that help describe the problem:

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Thanks for your assistance.


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Re: Upgrading Avast 5.0 Windows 7 Crashing
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2010, 01:43:11 PM »

Maybe this will solve your issue.

1. Settings
2. Updates
3. Proxy setting
4. Direct connect no proxy

If this doen't do the trick run win7 troubleshooter and choose avast as the program to analyze, try running
the pgm. in sp1, sp2, even vista.

Last but not least, download a trusted clean version of avast 5.0.5, go to and download "REVO UNINSTALLER"
(Freeware) install revo, run it, uninstall avast, make sure to select all files left behind, shared or not, and delete them, may require reboot.
Then go into Start, type in search, "REGEDIT" hit enter, window will open, BE CAREFUL IN HERE, look through each Root_key folder and hunt down all folders labeled SOFTWARE, then hunt down all files labeled ALWIL or AVAST and delete one by one.
When finished, reboot, install fresh avast and follow 1-4 in the first part of this posting, update virus databse, not program.

Good luck....


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Re: Upgrading Avast 5.0 Windows 7 Crashing
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2010, 04:11:16 PM »
@ joetrucker
Try a repair of avast. Add Remove programs, select 'avast! Anti-Virus,' click the Change/Remove button and scroll down to Repair, click next and follow.

If this doesn't work, it would probably be best to do a clean reinstall with the latest version of avast 5.0.594, this info is for the avast free version (let me know if it isn't what you are using).

- Download the latest version of avast, 5.0.594 and save it to your HDD, somewhere you can find it again (if you didn't save your last download). Use that when you reinstall.

- Download the avast! Uninstall Utility, aswClear5.exe find it here and save it to your HDD (it has uninstall tools for both 4.8 and 5.0).
  • 1. Now uninstall (using add remove programs, if you can't do that start from the next step), reboot.
  • 2. run the avast! Uninstall Utility from safe mode, first for 4.8 if previously installed and then for 5.0, once complete reboot into normal mode.
  • 3. install the latest version, reboot.
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Re: Upgrading Avast 5.0 Windows 7 Crashing
« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2010, 07:11:22 AM »

<snip> download "REVO UNINSTALLER" (Freeware) install revo, run it, uninstall avast <snip>
You cannot advise others with misinformation.  Avast has its own uninstaller tool and telling others to use a third-party uninstaller will NOT work properly.  Every vendor, especially those of security software, has a particular way of uninstalling it's own software.  By misinforming others, you could get them into serious trouble...we had this discussion yesterday.  I know you are trying to reach your post #'s, but please be careful in the accuracy of your posts and not being repetitive regardless of the topic.  We are watching your posts.  Thank you.