Author Topic: (RESOLVED)May I have Avast free antivirus with iObit Security 360 Free  (Read 5233 times)

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Hi,May I have Avast free antivirus with iObit Security 360 Free in my computer?Because IObit Security 360 can work with most mainstream anti-virus products without any incompatible issues.
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No, for three reasons.
1. Two antivirus will do more bad than help, can conflict, sooner or later. The detection of one could malfunction the other.
2. iObit is NOT a company to trust anymore since they were stealing MBAM signatures.
3. The detection rate won't add nothing to avast.
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Try using something else instead of IObit. Not too long ago they were caught stealing signatures from Malwarebytes, they are not really trustworthy.

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agree on the post above iobit is not to be trusted anymore because of the steal from Mbab.

Mam will work well with avast so go with that or you could buy it for 19,90 dollars or something like that for the professional edition that also have real time protection.

free options could be spyblaster or meaby spyware terminatior.
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