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Terminal Server Configuration
« on: July 21, 2004, 07:49:05 PM »
I have successful deployed your Server product to SBS2000 running Terminal Server.  I am wondering about the need to have users running on the Terminal Server run the Outlook/Exchange plugin.  All of our email comes through Exchange 2000.  

Can you elaborate on the need to have Outlook Plugin installed and running.  Can I uncheck the Avast Add-in under Outlook options setup?

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Re:Terminal Server Configuration
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2004, 11:17:07 AM »
There's no definite answer to your question. Of course, you can choose to only run the Exchange/SMTP plugin. This will get you rid of 99% of the bad stuff. There are situation where the server-side plugin can't do its job, though. Consider e.g. encrypted messages. These can only be scanned on the client side (inside Outlook) because when they reach the server, they're encrypted and there's no way to decrypt them (that's what the encryption is all about, right... :-))

The other consideration may be a bit more subtle. It's related to the reaction time. In case of a new fast outbreak, making an update and delivering it to the users (i.e. to your server) is a matter of couple of hours (an hour at least). During this period, the machines are effectively vulnerable to the new threat (the heuristics module can do some work but it's definitely nothing you'd like to depend the security of your business on). The Exchange/SMTP plugin scans the messages as soon as they reach the server. The Oulook plugin, on the other hand, scans them after a user opens Outlook to read mail -- which may be considerably later. It's possible that the update would be delivered in the meantime. I.e. if the user had the Outlook plugin enabled, it would catch the virus even though the Exchange/SMTP plugin on the very same server missed the email.

So, it's always a matter of how much you're willing to trade off. With your generous hardware configuration, I'd probably use the Outlook/Exchange plugin even though it makes Outlook start a bit slower...

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