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Re: What to use for firewall
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I've been doing some more surfing and Online Armour is sounding better all the time. Just one more question about this. Is this a firewall where I don't have to interact too much, because I'm not a computer tech? I did just read something about having to add Avast to the exclusions, something about temp files.
What OA is saying is that in their program, like many others, you can add another security program to its Exclusion list so it will not cause a conflict (you can do this during the installation set up).  So for OA, you would add Avast.  Likewise, you can add OA to Avast if you want.  However upon installing OA, it goes through a Safety Wizard Checklist (SWC) where you "Trust Everything/All" on your machine (you are probably aware of this ;-).  After going through the SWC, OA tells you to reboot, and it goes into a Learning Mode automatically.  It is recommended to reboot again and then you will get a pop-up about Avast asking you if you trust something...say yes "Trust Always" and "Remember My Decision" to anything pertaining to Avast...and you're all set.  :)

You can keep OA in a Basic/Novice Mode or an Advanced Mode.  If you are not tech. savvy, I'd recommend the Basic Mode unless you want to see more information.  The GUI is very user-friendly as well.

I also do a lot of financial things online and that is why I decided on OA after trying others.  Again I would suggest a trial first to see if you like it and if it plays well with your system.