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cannot connect to server
« on: August 29, 2010, 04:37:09 AM »
I get a "cannot connect to server" message when I try to update program or virus definitions.
I can get online to the Internet with email or Google.   I went to avast! online and downloaded the free version 5, which installed O.K.   I thought this might solve the problem.   It didn't.   I get the same
"cannot connect to server" message.   Any suggestions?



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Re: cannot connect to server
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2010, 08:22:50 AM »
First I need to know the following so that I can help you better:

1.   What is your OS, 32 or 64-bit?
2.   What version of Avast did you install?  5.0.594? 
3.   Did you upgrade from another version of Avast recently or do a clean install?
4.   What other security software do you currently have or did you have in the past on this machine including antivirus (AV), firewall (FW), and other security programs (resident and on-demand)?  If they were in the past, how did you remove them (the vendor's uninstaller's tool or another way)?

Thank you.