Author Topic: The professional edition of video playback running after IE6 sand-boxed no sound  (Read 2485 times)

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Why AVAST5.0 professional edition of the operation after IE6 sand-boxed video playback and MP3 links without sound? Not all normal running sand-boxed my system is with the partners are recognizing SP3) CMI8738 independent drivers for Cmedia partners CMI8738 drivers 8.17.34 version)
为什么AVAST5.0专业版中的沙箱里运行IE6后播放视频和MP3链接都没有声音啊? 不在沙箱中运行就一切正常  我的系统是windowsXP SP3 用的是骅讯CMI8738独立声卡  驱动为Cmedia骅讯CMI8738声卡驱动8.17.34版本 

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There is a pre-release build (like a beta) in development right now, see That is working on a number of sandbox improvements.

However, using IE6 when IE7 & IE8 have been out for a considerable time, is leaving your system open to vulnerabilities closed and security improvements in bot IE7 & IE8. So I can see why you would want to run IE6 sandboxed.

With XP I would suggest you use DropMyRights for internet facing programs, Browsers, email programs, etc. Or use a limited user account.

See "Browsing the Web and Reading E-mail Safely as an Administrator"

This obviously applies to those NT based OSes that have administrator settings, winNT, win2k, winXP. Check Bob's, setup instructions and importantly the dropmyrights.msi file needed as MS have now cleared the MS site.
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 IE6 is many years out-dated and using it will cause you more problems than you can imagine.

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