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google page ads
« on: September 06, 2010, 07:26:16 AM »
I haven't had any performance issues at all on an old HP6740c desktop PC that I just installed Avast! on. It's an XP Home edition operating system and it's only got 13 GB of total space and only 384 MB of ram.
I can watch videos, brows several websites at the same time and Even work with my photo software while I'm doing that even without closing anything out.
Listening to Coast to Coast am now as I scribble this.

It skipped or stuttered until I added google page ad URLs to my hosts file. You know the ones. Behavior shield has never been disabled on this PC, so it was just weird that it happened that way.

I'm not saying the google ads were doing it but that's the only thing I changed.
Go figger.

I still think the tray icon needs to let you know it's updating when it is indeed updating. It's silly that it doesn't do that.
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