Author Topic: When I update to v5.0 will v4.8 logs, chest, moved, etc be preserved?  (Read 1810 times)

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It appears the default WinXP installation folder for the Avast! v5.0 (Free) update installer will be C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5, whereas my Avast! v4.8 is installed in C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4.

My understanding is that the v5.0 installer will detect and uninstall v4.8 before it installs v5.0, but I imagine that means my v4.8 logs, chest, moved, etc. would be deleted, or at least no longer accessible from within the Avast! GUI.  I would like to keep these for historical reference purposes, and of course can (& will) simply back them up... ...But if possible I would like to access them from within the Avast! GUI, and even have them continue as a cumulative record within v5.0.

Does anyone know for sure how the v5.0 installer treats v4.8 logs, chest, moved, etc.?  Would they be preserved and used by v5.0 if I change the default v5.0 installation folder from C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5 to \Avast4?  (I'd prefer not to do that because of the potential confusion that might arise from v5.0 being installed in a folder labeled Avast4, but it would be an acceptable solution if there is no other.)

Thanks! :)

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Re: When I update to v5.0 will v4.8 logs, chest, moved, etc be preserved?
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2010, 11:21:03 PM »
All of the avast4 installation including those you mentioned should be removed.

The old logs are of no use to the new avast 5 installation and many are stored in a different location.
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