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AIS firewall packet rules question...
« on: September 16, 2010, 06:34:50 PM »
Just talked to Logos on Skype and to avoid writting the same thing again i will just copy/paste what we wrote...

[18:09:00 | Edited 18:09:11] Darth.Mikey: Logos you there ?
[18:14:56] Darth.Mikey: been wondering about something...
When i try to change the default packet rules in AIS fw, they just don't want to save for me. Is that a bug or is it by design that you can't change those default rules ? I can add new rules and they get saved it's just that i can't edit the ones that are already there or to better describe i can edit them but they don't get saved...
[18:15:15] Logos: hey Mike ;)
[18:15:46] Darth.Mikey: hi
[18:17:01] Logos: yeah I've had this exact bug a while ago, but I thought this was gone for a long time...I mentioned it on the forums and they fixed it, well normally...I didn't bother with these settings for a while, but wait, I will check now...
[18:17:25] Darth.Mikey: yeah it just doesn't want to save my edits
[18:19:17] Darth.Mikey: like i said i can create new rules but that is that
[18:19:28] Logos: wait...
[18:19:38] Darth.Mikey: ok
[18:22:47] Logos: okay I can create a new rule, it's retained, I can uncheck a rule, it's retained, I can delete a rule, it's retained, but just when I modify an existing rule it's lost, it goes back to how the rule was originally created.
[18:22:59] Darth.Mikey: yes
[18:23:05] Darth.Mikey: exactly the same here
[18:23:48] Logos: some rules must just be hard coded, otherwise that would mess with your network I suppose, not sure there's a bug
[18:24:07] Darth.Mikey: yes it could be this way by design
[18:24:11] Darth.Mikey: but i am not sure
[18:24:28] Logos: you can still report it on the forums, and pm or mai lukor too...
[18:24:45] Darth.Mikey: yeah i'll do that

Lukor is this behavior a bug or not ?