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www dot co dot cc
« on: September 24, 2010, 12:33:57 AM »
I tried to to just a minute ago. avast network shield blocked the site. "Malicious URL Blocked" Is this a false positive? Has anyone one else had avast block this site? I do have it book mark to this site. Had it for a while now. But this is the first time this site has been blocked.


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Re: www dot co dot cc
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2010, 12:52:22 AM »
A browse of the forums will see another topic about this. Check the viruses and worms forum, which would be the correct location to report this.

Edit: This is it,
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Re: www dot co dot cc
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2010, 01:09:24 AM »
A search of the forum for " blocked" turned up nothing about my warning. Thats why I posted. I'm sorry I posted in the wrong place. I use the free version. Thats why I posted in the avast free forum. Thanks for the info about the forum.

I shutdown my computer and and booted, I got the same warning, but then avast updated. After Update I was not blocked from the site.

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Re: www dot co dot cc
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2010, 09:05:33 AM »
I think that this block was fixed in yesterday's VPS (100923-1).