Author Topic: I'm requesting that Polonus would be prevented from reposting stolen web content  (Read 12832 times)

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Everything you write (on the internet and elsewhere) is subject to your copyright.  See , for example.  One frequently used approach is the Creative Commons copyright, , which allows those who want to use your material to do it in manners you specify.  At the very minimum, quoting material without attribution is plagiarism, as well as usually violating the copyright.  Websites normally warn about posting copyrighted material without permission, but not necessary.    So at least be careful to attribute material you copy from elsewhere.  Just because the moderators can't flunk your term paper doesn't mean you shouldn't follow the rules and legalities.
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For those of you that don't get what Logos is trying to say here(and i see many don't get it), read sded's reply and the links he provided, maybe that will make it more clearer for you. I've warned Polonus about this years ago. I generally don't have a problem with his posts as i know he only wants to spread knowledge but when someone is posting and quoting articles that he or she did not write themselves and not making it clear that he/she is not the author(no putting the text in quotes, no linking to the original source and just in general failing to mention these are not his own words/thoughts) that is like sded said at the very least plagiarism. I'm sorry but i have to agree with Logos here. Polonus i've asked you this in the past and i am asking you again, start using the quote tags and providing links to sources and if you would have done that waaaaay back when we first taught you about BBCode 6 yrs ago, there would have been no need for this thread. And there would not be that other incident that you had a few yrs ago(you know what i am talking about). I'm just trying to help you, start doing it the proper way and you won't ever have any problems because of this.

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Polonus, when quoting someone else's contents, please always give a credit to its original author (or better yet, just post a link to the original article instead of posting the contents).

Logos, thanks for raising the issue - although I strongly disagree with the style you have chosen to do it.


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