Author Topic: New free home edition not being able to access internet, blocking outbound mail  (Read 2095 times)

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I down loaded the latest free version and first found my out going e-mail blocked by avast. I turned off the outbound scan...who needs it right? Then I can not access the internet... it blocks it. Somewhere I read possible reconfiguring the firewall? Can anyone help me? Everytime I consider buying the better product something like this pops up...bad for sales !   >:(

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Who needs it right, you do.
Should your system ever get a hidden/undetected trojan spambot, the first indication of the fact you are sending out spam could well be the Mail Shield intercepting outbound email for scanning. I would go a step further and suggest you set the Sensitivity to High.

What is your email program ?

So you really need to find out why the outbound email isn't working:
There is a possibility it is the firewall blocking, but if you can receive inbound email, then that is less likely to be the problem.

- avast! 5.x: SSL Problems The Mail Shield may not scan some e-mails - see
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