Author Topic: Do Not Bother To Post On Your Website If You Haven't Got A Proper Translater  (Read 2472 times)

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Many of the translated articles on avast!'s website are pretty bizzare and awkward:
Trust me, it wouldn't help you attract more Chinese users, not would it make your official website seem more up-to-date or whatever. The only effect it exposes is making avast! seem less professional and rigorous. Hence, if you haven't got a proper translater, either from your crew or volunteers, don't bother to post anything onto your website.
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Your post is directed more at Avast.  I would suggest you contact them here: > scroll down to Online Contact Form on the bottom right side "Click Here" > complete the form to email them your message directly to Avast.  Perhaps you can explain and/or translate it how it should be done in your language in a helpful manner.  Thank you for your assistance.  :)