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Avast! and PS3 Media Server / Wild Media Server
« on: February 05, 2011, 06:23:31 PM »
Does anyone else use these programs to stream content to a PS3?  I have been using PS3 media server for a long time with Avast! and it always worked up until the latest update.  Now the media server cannot connect any more (it says it is connected, but never shows up on the PS3 menu, and the main status of the media server shows a big red X).  I have attached screen grabs from PS3 Media server.
I tried Wild Media server, and managed to get it to connect once but now it will not work either.
I am certain it is Avast! because if I uninstall it the server will connect and everything works.  I have my firewall set to 'Home' and there are rules in place to allow Java, etc. but it just won't connect.  I have tried manually creating a packet rule to allow the media server (it uses port 5001 by default) but nothing seems to work.

Anyone with any ideas out there?   ???