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[Help]Svchost.exe hogging 50% of CPU

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Using Resource Display i checked what service was wasting the CPU (in my case, iphlpsvc) and i turned off successfully that service. Windows still worked fine after that.
But... when i rebooted, the problem appeared again (i did all the same stuff and worked) but i'm trying to get a program to fix that.
My computer is running smoothly now.

Thanks to all Avast forum Users, mainly: Tech and DavidR for trying to get a solution for my problem.  :)

And... AVAST 4 EVER!  :P

You're welcome, I'm happy you found the culprit, not an easy task.

Thanks for the feedback.

So... yeah.

Stopped the iphlpsvc from restarting after reboot and already rebooted some times and until now it's everything running OK and smoothly.
Resource Display it's really useful cause shows how many amount of CPU every service is spending, so i find very easy to solve the problem (iphlpsvc it's not essential for the good work of the System, as far i know).

Anyways, a big thanks for everyone who tried to solve this annoying problem.

Ok... So... i'll keep come here to keep update with this nice and friendly avast! community.

All for now,

Well a little look around and this iphlpsvc (IP Helper Service) is related to IPv6, which isn't essential yet, when IPv4 the current method of assigning IP addresses is replaced this will become essential. Hopefully by then it will be a little better behaved, as it seems to be causing some issues with CPU usage, but not as much as the 50% you were having, see iphlpsvc problem gen info.

After all, which is your firewall...
ipv6 shouldn't give you any trouble with avast and/or other firewalls...


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