Author Topic: Avast 5 Free is crashing Outlook.  (Read 1526 times)

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Avast 5 Free is crashing Outlook.
« on: October 26, 2010, 12:09:01 AM »

Been using Avast for a good few years, and finally took the plunge this week and updated my three PC's to Avast 5. All is well on two of the three. 

However, one PC collects my pop3 emails. I don't believe in Webmail, in fact I hate it. However, this is where Avast is causing my problems.

The PC runs Win7 Ultimate (legit) and I'm using Office 2000, yes I did say 2000. Again it's legit, and it works, so no need for me to fork out silly money to old gatesy for no reason. I had to re-jig a couple off wab dll's to get it working, but nothing major at all.

Anyway, I digress. All was working well on v4. Now when I open Outlook and go to my email folders, outlook freezes and completely becomes unusable. If I disable Avast's email protection, Outlook works just fine.

I'm assuming that there would be a setting in Avast that might need changing, but I have gone through the various options and have drawn a blank.

Help please!