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Avast 5.0.677 - All browsers blocked by Web Shield
« on: October 26, 2010, 04:58:51 AM »
I'm trying to sort out a WinXP MCE SP3 system for my mother in law, who lives some distance away.  I got her system fully sorted out and running nicely about a year ago, with Avast v4.8.  Since that time, "something broke" and she had some other people look at it, so I've been cleaning up mangled Norton Security Suite installs and other messes.

The only problem left is IE8, Firefox, and Chrome will not load web pages with Web Shield enabled.  Other network activity is unimpeded.

I've been scouring this forum and others all day and tried every feasable solution I could find, including:

- Applied all critical and most optional Windows updates (incl. IE8)
- Chased down further software updates using Secunia PSI
- Ran Norton uninstaller to clean up old Norton mess
- Ran full scans with Avast, SuperAntiSpyware, MBAM, Spybot S&D
- Disabled Windows Firewall
- Checked registry settings pointing to temp directories
- Checked/fixed user and temp directory ownership/permissions
- Re-installed Avast several times (including using the Avast uninstaller in Safe Mode)
- Ran the netsh winsock reset
- Ran the netsh net ip fix
- Ran the IMGI winsock fix
- Re-installed Chrome several times for giggles

...and probably more I've forgotten.

Still blocked with WebShields enabled.  Google Chrome says:

          Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.

The only thing that renders IE8/Firefox/Chrome able to reach the Interwebs again is to shut off WebShield.  "It's that simple."  Ha ha...

Spare clue anyone?  I'm all out.



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Re: Avast 5.0.677 - All browsers blocked by Web Shield
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2010, 06:16:54 AM »
Hi cwilkins (Charlie) and welcome to the forum.  :)

You have done a lot of troubleshooting on your own, which is a good start. 

1. Can you tell me which product of Avast you have (Free, Pro, AIS)?

2. I know you said you ran the Symantec uninstaller tool, but this is the one that removes (almost) everything.  I would suggest running it again:, then reboot.  Since Norton is known for leaving remnants behind, go into Safe Mode > Search > All Files and Folders > More Advanced Options...check off every box on the bottom except Case Sensitive > Type in the TOP box Symantec > click Search.  Repeat the same steps except type in Norton or what ever product she had.  What ever files come up on the right side of the page you can delete, however when in doubt, right-click the file > Properties to see if it really belongs to Symantec/Norton.  It the files do belong to Symantec/Norton, delete them and put in the Recycle bin and empty while in Safe Mode.  Restart the machine.

3.  What is your firewall (FW)?  Have you checked to see if Avast is being blocked?

4.  What other security software do your currently have or had in the past on this machine besides Avast and Norton....including antivirus, firewall, and other security software (besides MBAM and SAS)?  This includes trial software as well. 

--> BTW  TeaTimer (part of SB&D) have presented problems for some users, so you may want to uninstall this to see if this helps as part of your troubleshooting.  This is complete information on uninstalling SB&D w/TT: .  In addition, you need to go into Advanced settings to disable the resident protection (2 areas to possibly disable – Teatimer and some IE blocking), then de-immunize if the immunity has been set.  That takes a minute or more sometimes.  The run the program’s own uninstaller, which should be in the Add/Remove Programs.

5. Is Avast working properly?  If please tell me what is going on and a repair may be needed:
To Repair your installation:
- Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > Avast Antivirus.
- Scroll down and choose Repair function in the pop-up window.
- Reboot.

6.  Have you done any boot-time scans in Avast to check for malware?  If so, did it show any infections?  Is anything in the Virus Chest?

7.  Did you try installing this Winsockfix Utility:
Windows XP –

8.  Lastly, you are using an old version of Avast.  The current version is 5.0.677 and soon to be updated to a newer version.  I strongly suggest upgrading to the current version which is lighter on the system and has better detection, plus it will give your mother-in-law an chance to get used to the GUI, which is cleaner looking.  The support for 4.8 will end shortly after the end of this year.

--> On-line registration is very simple and it's the preferred method for all users of Avast Free Antivirus 5.0 installed on a computer with standard Internet connectivity. To perform on-line registration, follow these steps:

Avast Free Registration Key:

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.


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Re: Avast 5.0.677 - All browsers blocked by Web Shield
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2010, 08:01:10 AM »
Thanks for the speedy response, SafeSurf.

Answers to your questions:

1. Avast Free.

2. I ran the Norton Removal tool -- the one you linked to.  (Been down that road many times.)  I have not done further searching of the filesystem or registry for all things Norton.  (Silly me, I kind of assumed that was the whole point of having a Norton Removal tool!)  But I'll check behind it to make sure.

3. No 3rd party firewall, just using the Windows Firewall.  Turning it off has not effect.  All browsers still broken.

4. This one is a bit more complicated...

    - Since this is a Dell PC that others have worked on in my absence, I cannot say for certain what security software it's been inflicted with.  It had an botched install of Norton Security Suite on it when I got to it.  I uninstalled that initially via add/remove programs, then ran the Norton Removal tool to clean up after that.

    - Last time I worked on it (maybe a year ago) I installed Avast Free v4.8.  That was gone this time (replaced by NSS).  So when I ran the Avast removal tool to clear out v5 and reinstall, I also ran it against v4.8 to remove any possible remnants of that version as well.

    - It also had Spybot S&D 1.6.0 or 1.6.2 and AdAware (not sure which version), which I had installed some time ago.  This time, I updated Spybot and removed AdAware.

    - This time around I have also installed MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware.

    - I will try the TeaTimer uninstall, thanks for the tip.

5. Avast appears to be working fine except for the Web Shield. I've reinstalled Avast several times (using the removal tool in the process), so I'm not sure what a repair would accomplish.  The web shield traffic graph and logs show no activity at all, suggesting that possibly the web traffic is not getting far enough into Avast to get logged/measured.

6. I have scanned with everything, including safe mode scan with Dr.Web CureIt, but have not done a boot time scan with Avast.  Even though I'm 99% confident that it's clean at this point, I should do a boot time scan too.

7. Yes, I did run that Winsock fix.

8. Maybe it was getting late when you posted? :) I stated 5.0.677 in the subject.

Thank you again for your response and especially for giving me some new ideas I haven't tried yet (Check for additional Norton cruft, remove TeaTimer, run an Avast boot time scan.) I will give that a try during the next day or two and report back.



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Re: Avast 5.0.677 - All browsers blocked by Web Shield
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2010, 08:21:26 AM »
Hi Charlie,

The usual culprit for having an AV not working correctly is remnants of a prior security software.  So if you follow through on looking for the leftovers of NSS and removing TT,  that would help. Remember to reboot in between each uninstall.

Also, you can try the Avast can't hurt.  This avoids having you to an uninstall/install and tries to fix itself.

You can also run the boot-time scan to check for malware.  Avast just had a large update, so now would be a good time to do it.

You really should have a firewall (FW)  on this machine.  The XP FW is only a 1-way protection and is not effective, therefore I recommend a 2-way FW by a third-party.  Ones that work without conflict with Avast are Online Armor (free or Premium), Outpost (free or paid), Comodo (without AV).  A FW is another layer of security and basically now without one, anyone can get into your mother-in-law's machine without her knowledge and get sensitive information.  This is something to think about once we get your other issues resolved.

Do you know how much RAM this machine has?

Let me know how all the above goes.  If all else fails, then you might need to do an uninstall/clean install:

1. Save a copy of newest version of Avast (5.0.677) for the version you need and save it to your HDD:
2. Download the Avast Uninstall Utility, aswClear5.exe and save it to your HDD (it has uninstall tools for both 4.0 and 5.0). 
3. Disconnect from the Internet at this time.
4. Go to Control Panel and uninstall Avast through Add/Remove Programs if possible and reboot.
5. If Step 4 fails, boot into Safe Mode (hit F8 repeatedly) and run the Avast Uninstall Tool.  Uninstall BOTH 4.0 and 5.0 again at this time.
6. Reboot.
7. Install the newest version of Avast and reboot.
8. Get Internet access and register your copy or add the license key for Free:
    Free –
9. Update the Avast definitions.