Author Topic: (help) How to uninstall Avast! Free Ed. v.5 ?  (Read 2732 times)

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(help) How to uninstall Avast! Free Ed. v.5 ?
« on: November 04, 2010, 02:55:47 AM »
First, I've tried scan EICAR antivirus test with my Avast Free v.5, but mine couldn't detect it.
So i have a conclusion that my antivirus didn't work properly, therefore i wanted to uninstall it.

Second, i went check Alwill properties to see auto uninstall program for Avast Free v.5, but i didn't find it.

Third, i tried to delete Avast manually, but as the administrator blocked it.

And as u can see, my Avast stuck and it cannot be deleted. So i want to ask u guys, how to uninstall this program, cause it don't have auto uninstall and it cannot be deleted manually? please give me some information to help my problem. thx guys.

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Re: (help) How to uninstall Avast! Free Ed. v.5 ?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2010, 04:15:54 AM »
First, it entirely depends on what you were doing on the eicar site, if you download using https then it isn't scanned as it is encrypted. If you downloaded a .zip file version of eicar, that isn't scanned on saving as zip files are inert, should you unpack it then the contents would be scanned.

So since we don't know what you did we can't say if avast is working correctly or not ?

Second, where did you look, What is your OS (for XP) Start, All Program, Avast antivirus, etc. or Add remove programs ?

Third, avast comes with a self-defence module to prevent malware from doing just what you tried delete the program files.

What happens if you click on this link ?
Web Shield Test -, this is an eicar test file and avast should alert.
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