Author Topic: "Setup detecting another program requires reboot" not allowing Avast! to install  (Read 11026 times)

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Just to add to the post above:

1. If you need to post a log, please use the attachment feature of the forum post so that your posts are not too long and as public.  How to make an attachment: While in the post page > Additional Options > Attach > Browse > Post.  This is especially true for Dr.WebCureIt and any OTL logs (which I suggest -> you can find here: under the first post from our certified malware expert, Essexboy.

2. If using CCleaner, there is a Slim version available as well at - 4th option down.  If you download the regular version and you do not do a Custom Install, you will accidentally download adware (Ask_Toolbar) if you are not watching what you click as you install. :o  The Slim version does the same thing without the toolbar.

Just to confirm, you did run these for the Avira uninstaller:
- Avira RegistryCleaner:
- How to Remove Antivir Antivirus:
- Uninstall Avira Antivir Completely:
- Reboot.

If you are running the Avira or any other security uninstaller tool, you should try a repair of Avast first,  If this fails, then uninstall/clean install of Avast needs to be done.

Thank you.


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Just an update for everyone:

I ran Malware a couple more times, in different modes, found one more infected file after running in normal mode.  I got the same popup when I tried to install Avast! again I got the reboot notification, but I installed Avast! anyways................... started it up and it actually started to run! Ran a full scan, and then a boot-time scan with nothing found.  Doing some CCleaner now and hopefully I'll be all set.  Thanks for the help guys, it was instrumental at getting this thing back up and running.


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@ copgtp,

When you ran MBAM or Avast scans and you found something (infection/virus), did you quarantine it or put it in the Virus Chest or do anything else with it?

If you still got the pop-up on installation, even though things appear to be working, my concern is that you still have something (malware) hidden inside your machine.

- Had you uninstalled the previous AV's prior to installing Avast?
- Did you run Dr.WebCureIt, and what were the results?  How about OTL?
- Did you update your software?  Here is an easy way to update your software with the free Senunia Software Inspector: - it will give you the vendor's direct download link making it easy to install patches if needed.  Many of us scan our machines weekly since software changes so often.
- Does your machine appear to be running/acting normally?