Author Topic: Please help me about the full/quick system scan settings of Avast antivirus free  (Read 1707 times)

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 being novice want to know what should be settings of avast free edition under: FULL/QUICK SYSTEM SCAN>SETTINGS>ACTIONS> AUTOMATICALLY APPLY ACTION (shall i check it here)> about VIRUS>PUP> SUSPICIOUS........about these last three(virus, pup & suspicious)....what shall i choose among the given options(Select action) & sub options (if action fails then). If any body can help about other settings of this program also. THANKS

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I recomend using the default settings. also see the help guide you find in top right corner

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It is most certainly best to leave avast on the default settings, until you get a better understanding of what avast does and more so what happens when you change an option (browse the help file).
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