Author Topic: Avast blocking my program (False positive)  (Read 8944 times)

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Avast blocking my program (False positive)
« on: December 02, 2010, 11:43:46 PM »
Hi there

I've just bought the program TSW WebCoder 2010, and Avast is blocking it, so I have to turn Avast off every time I want to open the program which is quite frustrating. I have of course send an message to you, via Avast, about the false positive, but isn't there any way in the program it self, to tell Avast, that this program is okay?

Cheers, Martin

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Re: Avast blocking my program (False positive)
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2010, 12:25:26 AM »
What is the infected file name, where was it found e.g. (C:\windows\system32\ ?

You could also check the offending/suspect file at: VirusTotal - Multi engine on-line virus scanner and report the findings here the URL in the Address bar of the VT results page. You can't do this with the file securely in the chest, you need to extract it to a temporary (not original) location first, see below.

- avast4 - Create a folder called Suspect in the C:\ drive. Now exclude that folder in the Standard Shield, Customize, Advanced, Add, type (or copy and paste) C:\Suspect\* That will stop the standard shield scanning any file you put in that folder. You should now be able to export any file in the chest to this folder and upload it to VirusTotal without avast alerting.
- If only GData and avast detect it - GData uses avast as one of its two scanners so counts as 1 detection and almost certainly an FP if only those two detect it.

- In the meantime if you accept the risk, add it to the exclusions lists:
Standard Shield, Customize, Advanced, Add and
Program Settings, Exclusions (right click the avast ' a ' icon)
Restore it to its original location, periodically check it (scan it in the chest), there should still be a copy in the chest even though you restored it to the original location. When it is no longer detected then you can also remove it from the Standard Shield and Program Settings, exclusions.
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