Author Topic: Opera(in SBIE) as alternative email client with Comodo ver5 questions  (Read 1304 times)

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I recently have just tried to use Opera(Sandboxed in SBIE) as alternate email client. I do not use Outlook and do not have  a setup. Just tried Opera so when I am at home and when the Gmail ervers are going nuts I can check Gmail through Opera.

Now I am using this on a cloned-hdd where I earlier tested CIS ver5 with D+ without the sandbox.

As this is my first time to do this kind of set-up, may I ask:

(a) How can I be protected with CIS and at the same time by Avast for viruses also? Earlier when I started to check an account in Gmail Avast asked me to disable SSL/TLS which I did(only TLS, cannot find SSL setting in Opera....set-up is regular POP3). It showed another alert identifying the IP address as Gmail.

Can someone help me set this up efficiently so I'll have an alternative with Opera...don't want to set-up Thunderbird as this is redundant already.

Avast IS 19.8  /  Malwarebytes Premium / Windows 10 x64 Build 1903 / AMD A10 Processor desktop with R9 Graphics 32GB Ram.