Author Topic: Avast 5 webscan bug stops Internet explorer browsing (very slow then timeout)  (Read 10979 times)

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XP SP3 Avast Free 5.0.396/100207-0  stops IE8 working.

Firefox browsing works fine, but click on any link in IE8 and nothing happens, then it times out and shows the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, diagnose connection problems" screen.

Turn off avast5 webshield, works fine.

Pretty serious bug, am I alone?

The temporary fix if anyone else gets this problem is right click on avast icon, open avast user interface, realtime shields, webshield, untick scan web(http) traffic. Doing so is living dangerously though.

This isn't a firewall issue (using windows firewall, no outbound protection), purely down to Avast5 webscanner subsytem, system is freshly installed and patched, and worked fine with Avast4

Why isn't there an avast5 section to this site, or if it's here, where is it?
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Re: Avast 5 webscan stops Internet explorer browsing (very slow then timeout)
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I have almost the same issue. My system is running Vista SP2, 3GB ram, avast 5.0.396, and Online Armor premium as firewall,Only previous installation of antvirus was Microsoft Security Essentials. Installed and made sure no remnant's of Microsoft Security Essentials remained. Installed latest avast. IE8 takes about 2-3 minutes to load webpage. Spent most of Sunday playing around with various combinations of webshield settings with no luck. Disabled webshield, IE 8 loads pages in about 2 seconds.Other than the webshield settings all other settings are default. Tried settings for proxy settings mentioned in other posts. Nothing seems to work. Anybody have any suggestions?


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Re: Avast 5 webscan stops Internet explorer browsing (very slow then timeout)
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Thanks for responding, that's 2 of us, maybe the rest can't get on the web to post. ;D

Pretty big bug, I hope the developers read the forum.

Could you link to the other posts mentioning it, I couldn't find anything.

Also, where are the proxy settings (or do you mean ie8 proxy?), the new interface is pretty, but cluttered/badly organised, with settings all over the place, almost too configurable.
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No problems here with any of the 3 browsers I have installed here.  Other internet programs have no issues, either.
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I tried something else. I changed setting on Online Armor. Previously I had set Online Armor to  exclude avast directories from it's scan. This time I removed the exclusion told Online Armor to trust all. reset the exclusion. Started IE8 and all pages loaded normally. Even though there were no errors in my firewall log this seemed to work.


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I bought Avast 5 today and haved the same problem... i use Firefox, but only I achieve that it works when Avast is disabled :(


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Hi, I have the same problem.  ???
I made the upgrade to avast 5 from avast 4.8, and now I can't open explorer, my computer blocks and I have to turn off the computer.
I though that was a problem of explorer 7, so I made the upgrade to explorer 8, but I have the same problem.
Instead with firefox 3 there are no problems.
I have Win XP SP3, Zone alarm free 8


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@ vmron,

Glad things are working out for you.  Few suggestions: Upgrade avast to v. 5.0.545 which has less bugs (you can either do this over your existing or do a clean install), but REBOOT afterwards.  In addition, if you ever need to reinstall OA, you ALWAYS want to "Trust Always/All" your AV.  Check in your OA history logs for any errors should problems occur in the future.  FYI - Using Safe Mode with OA may slow your browser down slightly.
@ simple1 and cecchinotto,

cecchinotto, do you have ZA Firewall or ZA with an antivirus?  If you have an the ZA with AV, this is not compatible with avast and you will need to disable or uninstall it.  Two resident FW's are not compatible.

simple1, the proxy setting is located by going into the avast GUI > Settings > Updates (left pane) > (use the right hand scroll bar if needed) Proxy Settings.
I recommend you both do a CLEAN install of avast to v. 5.0.545 to resolve your problem.

Please follow these instructions:

Save a copy of newest version of Avast (5.0.545) on your machine.

Save the on your hard drive. 

Disconnect from the Internet at this time.

Uninstall Avast through "Add/Remove Programs". 

Boot into Safe Mode (F8) and run the Avast Uninstall Tool.  If you had version 4.0 on your machine, you will need to uninstall this version as well as version 5.0.

Reboot (twice recommended).

Clean your computer up.

Install the newest version of Avast and reboot twice.

Get Internet access and update Avast definitions.

Register your copy or add the license key for Free, Pro or AIS.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or problems after completing the above.


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@ Atril,

I'm sorry I didn't mean to leave you out regarding your problem.  Can you give me more information about your system (your OS, version of avast you are using, etc.)?  What other security software do you have on your machine (firewall, etc.)?  What previous antivirus (AV) did you have on your machine prior to avast?  Thank you.

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Hi SafeSurf,
don't forget to look at the date...! ;)
The only actual post is from cecchinotto, who better should have started a new thread...
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Thanks Asyn for picking that up; I guess I missed that.  I hope everyone's problem is fixed now...LOL.  ;)


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Avast new 5.1.864
« Reply #11 on: January 04, 2011, 02:11:25 AM »
my Computer Hang ( diam )

tidak bisa berjalan ketika memakai avast terbaru ini.
tolong diperbaiki.
Padahal computer saya pentium 4 dual CPU 1,8 Mhz.


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@ gug,

Silakan memulai topik baru Anda sendiri karena ini adalah thread lama. Terima kasih.

Please start your own new topic as this is an old thread.  Thank you.