Author Topic: Avast! 5.1.864 free problems with ShotOnline (which uses nProtect GamesGuard)  (Read 4012 times)

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Hello developers,

I read here, that there is a pre-release 5.1.874 already existing, which solves some problems with nProtect GamesGuard (that's great).
Just to be sure, that you know my problem, I started this thread.
I am playing ShotOnline from GamesCampus, which uses GamesGuard from nProtect.
With the problem existing AvastSvc.exe has a windows memory problem (windows popup came up) and crashes.
While it is running (before crash) it takes all CPU ressource and the game is not starting.
Even when I disabled all Avast!-modules my games crashes after some time (first starting quiet normally).

So I deinstalled 5.1.864 and downgraded to 5.0.677 (installed this older version) with the result, that everything is working fine.

If you need a screenshot of the memory addresses of the AvastSvc.exe crash, I would update back to 5.1.864 and take it to post it here, please let me know in this case.
If I should test the pre-release for this type of GamesGuard, please let me know.

I am SW developer on my own, so I know how hard it can be to search for a bug only by descriptions.

I am using:
3 GHz AMD processor
WindowsXP Professional with SP 3
ZoneAlarm (latest version)

PS: Thank you for your great work till now. I am using Avast! free since an early version of 4 and had no hard virus till now. So I hope, you will fix this problem for the future and stay till then at 5.0.677.

kind regards

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Hi HaJoLu,

if you have a few minutes, I'd suggest trying out the new build 874 and confirm yourself that it fixes the problem.

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Hi Vlk,

I tested 5.1.874 (BETA) with the result, that the game ShotOnline was trying to start (after pressing start button at launcher), I have to wait quiet a long time (about 4 minutes - normally are 15 seconds) before it seems to start (startup-screen), but then nothing happens anymore (to the game - just not started).
Avast!5 is running without crash, but this is the only good news I could told of this BETA (I tried it twice - I thought, maybe it is an initialization problem, but it wasn't)

To start my online game, I had to downgrade to again.

Just inform me per eMail (not forum pm), if a new beta is enable for testing OR the new finally version, thanks.

kind regards