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To update or not?
« on: January 20, 2011, 01:23:20 AM »
On Jan. 4, I opened Avast Free and noticed that a new update to the program was available.  I installed it and upon rebooting, my entire computer was disabled.  As soon as the desktop displayed, an error message (something to the effect that "no disk can be found") appeared and locked the whole system.  Each time I rebooted, the same message reappeared and prevented any further actions.  Even in Safe Mode, the same message and locked system.  After struggling for a long time, I called in my computer techie, who spent almost two hours working on my computer before getting it up and running again.

The new update was clearly responsible.  When he attempted to look at the Windows log file, he discovered that the system locked before anything could be recorded to account for the problem.  The update had apparently added two "weird" registry entries (that was my techie's description) that displayed only as special characters (specifically, boxes).  He removed them, rebooted, and they reappeared.  Then he uninstalled Avast completely, deleted the reappearing registry entries, and rebooted.  My system was back.  He DLed a clean copy of the new Avast, installed it, rebooted, and again, a totally locked up computer and again the two "weird" registry entries that were apparently at the heart of the problem.  The only way to get my system running again was to delete the new version of Avast and the registry entries and then revert to the previous version of Avast (5.0.677).

My question is has this problem (whatever it was) been solved in the last couple of weeks?  Did others go through the same ordeal I did?  And is it worth a gamble to install the update now?  I do like Avast and would like to keep it up to date, but I don't want my system crippled again.

(I'm running Windows XP Pro, btw.)


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Re: To update or not?
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 01:29:13 AM »
Hello,   I am also  running Win XP Pro, and altho it didn't lock up mine,  that latest  update has  been a bear for me too, because  it is   disconnecting  me from my dial up  connection.  I suggest,  waiting    for  a   AVAST  proff.   to answer you first.  I may have to take mine in too,  and  have them  remove it,  because of all the  'stuff'  that it has on it.   

I can  disable the  web shield,  and   stay connected, but hey,  kinda  defeats the purpose of having  AV in the first place, eh? 

I  came to AVAST   and LOVED it after   a  bad   update to  AVG.  Now, I am  hoping they have a fix for us "XP" users.

Good luck to you! 8)

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Re: To update or not?
« Reply #2 on: January 20, 2011, 08:40:15 AM »
i suggest a installation from scratch, my father got this to he updated from the most updated 5 version to the latest 5.1 from the program update and after reboot the computer went black and didn't boot just rebooted when it should had boot up windows. so i suggested that he booted up in safe mode uninstall avast run the registry cleaner in cclener and install the latest version of avast. now a few days later no problem have been reported from my father. try this to and it will be fixing your problem.

good luck
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