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Chrome stopped browsing in sandbox
« on: January 13, 2011, 10:24:26 PM »
Sometime last night or today chrome stopped running properly in the sandbox.

I made no changes prior to this happening. I have all sandboxed items allowed to access the internet.

Firefox runs fine in the sandbox.

Chrome runs fine if I remove it from the sandbox.

Chrome will not run in regular mode or in incognito mode.

Chrome opens but won't show the usual preview windows. If you type in an address nothing happens - the main pane is just plain white. If you open in incognito mode you don't even get the incognito mode message - again just a plain white pane. (pain?)

I ran an update of Avast Pro  manually to the newest version (5.1.889) about 15 minutes ago, still not working after update and reboot.

No errors in the Windows event logs.

Machine: Win7 64 bit.