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A horror Update today
« on: January 14, 2011, 06:12:41 PM »
A version Update from Avast are most of the time very easy to do.
But not today.
My XP Pro freezing total,and no connection,no Safety Mode,notthing wurks!!!

After 3 hours and 30 times startups where i on a point that i leave me XP and going to me other PC to set this PC on Manual Update.
After 1 hour look i on the freesing PC and WHAT???
Suddenly running the hole PC perfecto whit the new version.

I have plans to remove Avast but after this "miracle" do i this not.
Never earlier have i difficults whit Avast5.1 and Prevx3 an OA free.
What to do whit me other and older PC whit the old Avast version?
Are it dangered that i only virus definitions only let updated?
And not the new version?

I shaked a little bit that i this DART computer maybe destroyed.Grrrr.
Give me what info about a totaly freezing comp.
Today where a nighmare during 3-4 hours,so i have 1 comp to do.
6hours later have i Updated the other computer whit no problems.
This PC use only the Windows Firewall + Prevx3 and thats it.

For a security scan use i the Emergency Kit of Emsisoft. (Free).
Avast+Prevx3 run very light and i see never a infection.
For the record: Windows XP Home.

Note:I have Updated Avast on 2 comps,and i am happy now.
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