Author Topic: 5.1.889 Bug: Right-click/Context Menu Scanner not always showing up  (Read 1869 times)

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The bug is as the title suggests and isn't 'system-shattering' but is puzzling to say the least.  Basically I've been able to simply right click library directories in Windows 7 (i.e. "Downloads" folder "my pictures" folder, etc. all in the user area) to initiate a context menu scan back in the earlier versions of Avast with no problem.  Now after updating to this version it doesn't appear unless I manually open those folders and scan their contents.  This is strange considering other folders I try this out on are fine, just these set libraries provided in Windows 7 don't seem to register. Again, this has never happened before.

Additionally, when I first tried scanning the contents in one of those Windows 7 libraries since booting in, the log file it automatically generates had the directory scanned being listed as blank! The date and scan results all remained though. This too is something I've never encountered before. Doing this multiple times after this first occurrence did not reproduce it though.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with Windows 7 in specific or how I updated to 5.1.889.  To expand on that, I stayed at 5.0.677 when I saw the conflicts with the previous 5.1 build. When 5.1.889 came around I just did a direct program update to that from 5.0.677 via the built-in updater.

If anyone needs more info on this I'll see what I can do. Otherwise no other notable problems (the behaviour shield seems to be highly inactive though, only had 1 file scanned over the course of several days of use).

EDIT Apparently the issue with the scanning logs and blank directory listings is not limited to just the first context menu scan after booting in. After a few hours of computer use I gave the context-menu scan a whirl again and the blank directory is shown yet again.  This is the same folder though (the "downloads" library in Windows 7 under the user area) and I can't really seem to connect what causes this.
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