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AIS 5.1.889 Virtualization and uTorrent
« on: February 04, 2011, 07:32:53 PM »
I have the uTorrent program on my computer's logical drive "M"

In uTorrent you can set the locations for the where the Torrents are stored after loading them and where the downloaded files are saved.

On my computer I have the following drive and directory setup for uTorrent

1.  Program - M\Program Files (x86\
2.  Loaded torrents - M:\Files\Torrents\
3.  Downloaded files - M:\Files\Misc\

uTorrent works fine with this setup

I decided to virtualize uTorrent and to see what would happen.

This is the result

1.  First off I could not locate either the torrent file or the downloaded file after the download finished anywhere on my computer using Windows Explorer.  I do not use Windows Search so I don't know if that would have located the files.
2.  So I loaded my trusty little third party search program - "Search Everything"
3.  Search Everything located both of these files in the following directory path

## aswSnx privatestorage\r92\uTorrent.exe_{..............}\image\Files\Misc

4.  I then unvirtualized uTorrent and the torrent and downloaded file were not to be found by Windows or Search Everything.

Poof apparently gone like Puff the Magic Dragon.

I know that you can exclude locations in the Virtualization setup.   However, what is the point of that?  If you download a file that has a Trojan and/or any other bad stuff in it and the downloaded location is excluded from the Virtualization process I can't see how virtualizing uTorrent but not the file locations does you any good.

Finally.  Without virtualization in place for uTorrent I have occasionally downloaded infected files with uTorrent and AIS caught them when the download was complete. AIS then handled them properly per the way that I have AIS set up either deleting them or sending them to the Virus Chest.

So it seems to me that there is no advantage to virtualizing uTorrent or probably any P2P program as opposed to setting up AIS to handle the the downloaded infected files properly without having to virtualize uTorrent.

In fact its seems to me based upon the test results that one is better off just setting up AIS properly and not virutalizing uTorrent. :)

P.S. After I unvirtualized uTorrent I re-loaded the same Torrent and downloaded the file.  No infection and they showed up properly where they should.

P.P.S.  UTorrent requires that you delete the file in the program window after the downloaded file is "seeded" if you want to move it out of the downloaded file location. If you don't delete it in the uTorrent window then you can only copy it out and the file copy in the downloaded location will remain available for uploads indefinitely as long as uTorrent is running.   This works fine when uTorrent is not virtualized.   When I download that file in the virtualized uTorrent and went to delete it from the program window after the downloaded file was seeded I got a Recycle Bin error message.
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