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Firewall block rule creation question
« on: January 29, 2011, 08:42:01 PM »


Nice to be back here :)

New user of Avast firewall here. In the previous firewalls that I used I configure a rule for blocking access to ports 445, 135-139, 5500, 5800 and 5900-5903 and 3389. I want to apply it to Avast firewall but I am dumbfounded...

I understand that the incoming can be stealthed by selecting Public/High Risk Zone, sort of "stealth my ports". So this may mean that selecting Public/High Risk Zone will take care of the incoming block I want to place..yes?

Now I usually create the rules in the Application Rules or some kind of Global rule(but normally it's in the Aplication rule). For port 445 I see that Avast has a configuration of:

"Allow connections to all networks.
Outbound ports: All or 80           Inbound ports: 445
For all other connections: Auto-decide or Block/Ask"

As mentioned earlier, I want to block outgoing from 445 also. How can I make a rule for that? Likewise how can I make a rule for a port range, say, 135-139 or 5900-5903?

Also, how can I block an application from calling home? I have some programs that frequently call home like Cyberlink PowerDVD which eats up my connection and makes it slower so I always download updates from the website and install it manually.

How about leaktesting? I usually use the Comodo leaktest but maybe some of you guys here can share a thing or two about
what you use or experiences about Avast's firewall behavior on leaktesting.

Pardon for the questions as I am really new to Avast's firewall. Can somebody guide me please..

Thanks very much!

jason :)

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