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InstPkgs folder disappeared!
« on: February 09, 2011, 05:05:09 AM »
I've been trying different client installation approaches, mostly unsuccessful, and things are getting worse. I had copied the InstPkgs folder from my ADNM Console workstation to a network share to use in manual installation efforts.

I have tried installing using the manual instructions from the ADNM Admin Guide and the setup.exe command string unsuccessfully. To make it worse, all the files in the InstPkgs copy are missing except for the setup.exe itself. That includes a couple of batch files I wrote to run the net client and net server strings!

Also, I haven't been able to get the install to run on the ADNM Console workstation for the client software, so I've tried using the pro client install and now the InstPkgs folder on that machine is COMPLETELY GONE. Not just empty, but deleted!

What's going on here? The only machine I've been able to successfully install with is a WinXP machine. I managed to get a Windows Vista workstation to show up in discovery after I ran the separate Pro install and discovery again. But, another Vista and a Win7 client and the SBS2008 Server on which the AMS database resides won't install/upgrade either.

How do I rebuild the InstPkgs folder and file inventory?