Author Topic: Can I change email address that alerts are sent to?  (Read 5235 times)

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Can I change email address that alerts are sent to?
« on: November 23, 2010, 08:43:11 AM »

I've successfully setup Server Edition 4.8 on an SBS 2008 64 bit server and the ADNM Console. Yippee!

Obviously during the install I entered an email address for alerts to be sent to. My client has 10 staff and they mainly operate with Word and PDF documents. For some reason Avast can't scan these documents when they're opened, so I get alerts of Avast! Error followed immediately by Avast! Warning reports such as:

[SERVER]: AAVM - scanning warning: x_AavmCheckFileDirectEx [UNI]: Z:\Business\business\proposals\2010-11\OI 51.11-10.pdf (Z:\Business\business\proposals\2010-11\OI 51.11-10.pdf) returning error, 00000005.

I would get 100+ of these a day which just fills up my trash folder unnecessarily.

I've tried lowering the logging to just info to test if that works, but it makes no difference. So I have two options:

1. try and get Avast to scan these files
2. turn off the logging somehow (which I know is dangerous)

Can anyone offer some guidance here?


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Re: Can I change email address that alerts are sent to?
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2011, 07:10:08 PM »
avast sure can scan them without a problem.

Are those files encrypted?
In a file explorer, right click a pdf/word file, choose properties.

Is it really the server edition that is sending the reports, or the avast version installed on the clients?