Author Topic: "Rootkit: hidden file" but Avast says "Error: The request is not supported (50)"  (Read 4329 times)

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OK, this is confusing. After a full scan, Avast reports a threat in the following file:

   Severity: High
   Threat: Rootkit:hiddenfile

If I try to apply an action, I get the following:

   Action: Move to Chest
   Error: The request is not supported (50)

   Action: Delete
   Error: The system cannot find the file

Is this perchance a file that was identified earlier by Avast and put in the "chest" and then deleted?


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looks as the temp file from an avast webscan

Try cleaning your temp files and scan again

TFC - Temp File Cleaner by OldTimer
TFC requires a reboot immediately after running. Be sure to save any unsaved work before running TFC.