Author Topic: Can't start new install of 6.0  (Read 7785 times)

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Re: Can't start new install of 6.0
« Reply #15 on: March 07, 2011, 09:00:51 PM »
T3h sigh. What I obviously meant is that the universal uninstaller tool has a drop down menu to select a correct version. E.g., if you have had avast 4 and 5 on your box (upgraded from v4 to v5), you should run the uninstaller twice to wipe the traces of both versions. However stupid it might seem to you, this is a common mistake many users make.  ::)
Hey, I've got a good idea... let's not put words in each other's mouth, okay?  Did I say something sounded stupid to me?  Nope.  Don't appreciate you saying I did.

As for what you "obviously meant", why not read what you obviously WROTE... you wrote, "Are you sure you have uninstalled the correct version?".  Let's not forget that communication is a two-way street.  Just because you obviously meant something may not necessarily mean you obviously communicated it very well.  Get my meaning?