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Problem with file sharing! Help!
« on: March 11, 2011, 11:55:56 AM »

I have a big problem now. :(

I've got ASUS O!Play mediaplayer connected with my computer by LAN. My mediaplayer can play files in shared folders.

When I was using Windows XP and avast 4 there weren't any problems.

Yesterday I installed Windows 7 SP1... and avast antivirus 6

When I open with mediaplayer folders with more than 25 / 30 files - I don't see some files. For example, in folders with 80 files I can see only 52 - 57 files. And periodically I can't see different files.

When I remove almost every compunent of avast antivirus 6 - the problem is still there with shared folders.

When I remove avast antivirus 6 at all - mediaplayer can see all files in shared folders again.

I tried to confugure avast antivirus 6 but it didn't solve sharing problem (even when all shields are disabled). And I couldn't find any solution in the Internet.

Please! Somebody, help me! I don't wan't to leave my computer withour avast antivirus 6. :-(


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Re: Problem with file sharing! Help!
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 12:24:42 PM »
I found here another topic with the same problem. There is a discussion. But there aren't any solutions...

As I can see, the only way to fix this problem with (SMB) getting incomplete listings from shared folders is to wait for new version of avast antivirus 6.

Or there is the solution now?


I've found the other topic -

There is a recommendation not to install virtualization feature. But I tried it.
I did the clean installation without features and a lot of shields... but it didn't help.
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