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Foxmail 5 sloooow mail download
« on: September 20, 2004, 10:44:57 PM »
Hello, you all.
I've made all the recommended settings to get FoxMail5 & Avast get along with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts... up to this (sad) point:

- FoxMail 5 goes normal through the password check.

- It tests fine the amount of pending mails to download.

- It begins downloading them, but so sloooowlyyy -taking forever- that never fills the bar and finally gets disconnected.

But, it works really fast when I stop Avast's Mail Checker service (leaving Avast's Resident Scanner -3 services- on)... of course, it's also fine without Avast, and original FoxMail configuration.

So, Avast "sees" FoxMail, but almost freezes checkin' the mails.

This happens even with a single one-line text eMail.

Very appreciate any suggestion.

(Windows me, 384 MB Ram, 20GB DD, Athlon 850MH)