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Foxmail 5 slooooow mail download
« on: September 20, 2004, 10:33:24 PM »
Hello, you all.
I've made all the recommended settings to get FoxMail5 & Avast get along with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts... up to this (sad) point:

- FoxMail 5 goes normal through the password check.

- It tests fine the amount of pending mails to download.

- It begins downloading them, but so sloooowlyyy -taking forever- that never fills the bar and finally gets disconnected.

But, it works really fast when I stop Avast's Mail Checker service (leaving Avast's Resident Scanner -3 services- on)... of course, it's also fine without Avast, and original FoxMail configuration.

So, Avast "sees" FoxMail, but almost freezes checkin' the mails.

This happens even with a single one-line text eMail.

Very appreciate any suggestion.

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Re:Foxmail 5 slooooow mail download
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2004, 11:33:27 PM »
You posted twice, please, follow just this thread:;action=display;threadid=7428

and do not post more here, thanks  :)
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Re:Foxmail 5 slooooow mail download
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2004, 05:14:06 AM »
I've been using Foxmail at least since it's 3.0 version. Of all the anti-virus programs, Jiangmin (from China) works the best for Foxmail. However, I dumped it soon after I tried Avast, and never had any problems ever since.

Never used Foxmail to download Hotmail or Yahoo mail, 'cause it's way too slow(with or without any protection). For normal pop accounts, never had any problem with Avast. Here's my settings:

POP3 & SMTP all set to
username set to username#domain (if your email address is, then the username here should be
password: just your password

Then you're Ok, shouldn't be any problems.

Now using Avast to scan and delete your old mails is a bit tricky, if you do have infected old mails:

1.Export all the mails from one of your mail boxes to a directory.
2.Let Avast scan that directory
3.Open the infected files Avast found, check the date & time of the email
4.Go back to Foxmail, locate the infected mail in your mail box, delete it.
5.Not done yet! You just deleted it from the index file, the virus data is still in the box file. From "box" menu, click "compress", the virus data is deleted
6.Not done yet! When you delete the mail, the mail is moved to your trashbox file. So you must click the trash box, click "empty trashbox" in "box" menu, then "compress". Done. This individual infected mail is completely removed from your Foxmail.


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Re:Foxmail 5 slooooow mail download
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2004, 05:15:20 AM »
Thanks a lot...
Anyway, I had that dream, seems no-one can help me for I wanted to stick to Foxmail including Hotmail & Yahoo.
mmm, if cannot get through this, have to keep on POPPeeper... much safer, and fast; maybe not so well organized.
Someone else can figure the solution out?


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