Author Topic: avast! network shield support hidden driver blockin my online games  (Read 3535 times)

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Good morning (in my country)
Hi, im indonesian
sincerely i play online games Point Blank or the name is Project Blackout in USA
earlier my OS is windows 7 with free avast home installed and nothing seem to be a problem when i launch the games, then i change to windows xp sp3 fully updated, Point Blank won't start after Hackshield updates and nothing happen (games don't show up)
i browse the internet to get answer and i found that hidden driver avast! network shield support is the problem
i already boot scan my pc, make exclusions in avast but my game wont start  :(, then i try to disabled avast network shield but still problem with the game  :-\, finally i disabled hidden driver avast! network shield support via device manager and my game is fix
but i dont want loosing avast! network shield support to play my game, is anyway to solve this problem?  ???

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welcome to the forum.

what verion of avast are you using when you get that problem 5 or 6?
do you have other sequrity product like a third party firewall that could block the game from running at 100%?
Windows 8.1 amd a10-5700 64 bit
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hi, sori to take long to reply ur question, being busy on work.
installed free home edition avast 6.0.1125 fully updated.


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forget to mention no third party firewall installed just xp firewall (nothing i change)