Author Topic: What is Everyone's Setting Preferences For Dealing With Viruses in Avast?  (Read 2975 times)

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Jack 1000

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Here are mine:

My Current Avast Setting Preferences For Avast Anti-Virus Version 6

For Boot Time Scan Schedules:

 Scan for P.U.P's (i.e Potentially Unwanted Programs set to off) and Unpack Archive Files (default)
When Virus, threat, or suspicious file is found in a Boot Time Scan.  Move to Chest

For Other Scans: Preferences are as follows:

Run a Full Scan and Scan for P.U.P's-Off (default)
No automatic action on a scan (default.) Wait for the results of the scan and than manually move any threats to the virus chest


I like the ability to take automatic action in a Boot Time Scan of moving suspicious items to the Virus Chest.  This is a great option so I don't have to babysit Avast during a Boot Scan.  I know it takes longer, but I only now have Avast search for PUP's in instances of a Boot Time Scan and Full Scan if I suspect something has previously been detected.  Otherwise, set PUP's to off.

I don't do Quick Scans.  If your checking for something as serious as viruses and malware, why not be as thorough as possible?

It has been said that Automatic action during a Boot Time Scan was added in version 6.  What were the options for version 5?  Drawing a blank on version 4.  Did version 4 have a Boot Time Scan?

No automatic options for me on regular quick scans or regular full scans using the defaults here.  I like how the scan log will give results after the scan, and than the user can decided what to do.  I would always select Move to Chest as the top priority.

Side-note: If a user selects 'No Action" on a Boot Time Scan. setting, does that mean the program or file if found, will be ignored by Avast, and could infect the computer?  Are "No Action" choosers in a Boot Time Scan, prompted with a log after a Boot Time Scan or after rebooting?


PS. Upon further study, I turned off PUP scans with the keyword being "Potentially Unwanted Programs."  Only activating if a previous threat is found.   Not definitive enough for a threat.  Learned that turning off PUP's will increase speed of scans, particularly Boot Time Scans.

Wanted to ask, if Avast ever found any PUP's in doing scans, and what did they turn out to be?  Real threats, or not?
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It depends if you're talking about manual scans, sheduled scans, or real time scanning. It also depends on which Shield component you're talking about. For the File System shield I have Viruses set to "Move To Chest" but PUPS and Suspicious files set to 'Ask" since what Avast! might consider to be a PUP or Suspicious might be something I want and know to be safe. In the mail shield, everything goes to the chest.

No automatic actions are selected by my manual or scheduled scans and the Boot scan is set to "Ask" for the same reasons as stated above.


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We encourage new users and users new to a new version to keep Avast at default settings until they are comfortable with the program or are an advanced user and know what they are doing.  Some times, it is when the default settings are changed that we find users having problems or issues.  For example they may "delete" something that should have been put in the Virus Chest instead.  When in doubt, do no harm (the Virus Chest is a safe area).  In addition, the Avast Team works hard to develop settings that are easy for the majority of people to work with yet gives users the flexibility to adjust settings should they want to.

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1. There are simply too many different shields and options for anyone to reasonably list.
A simple list doesn't give the reasons why that person has made those decisions and everyone's going to have different reasons why they would change the 'default' settings if they ever do.

2. The Boot-Time scan isn't something that is used for routine scanning, it is usually launched if a detection can't be dealt with in normal mode. After some alerts avast may suggest a boot-time scan, in which case I wouldn't be changing any default options.

3. Same thing, 'Other Scans,' there are too many settings/options to list and why the user chose those options. By other scans, which I take it you me not the pre-defined Quick and Full scans, which I feel should be left as is, so they have a reference point. Any differences or changes that people want to make should ideally be done in a Custom scan that they create.

So unfortunately your questions are simple but the answers too long and complex to be of use to the average Joe that does what the greatest majority do and leave the avast settings at their default settings until they get familiar with avast and decide that their 'needs, requirements' mean they want to make changes.
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yep, that's a dead end thread ::)