Author Topic: Suspicious Files Found-Recommend Send to Lab, But Only Ignore or Delete Prompt!  (Read 8271 times)

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I think this is the option that Avast should take concerning dialog boxes for suspicious files in a program update:

Allow Avast to Send to the Virus Lab for Analysis (Choice 1)
Move to Virus Chest (Choice 2)

Check boxes for selecting one or both of them.

I disagree to this one. You are asked when installing Avast for the first time to join the community. So there are two conditions:

1: you have joined (great majority of users have, listen to Vlk's interview)
Then it is sufficient to change the alert-text to read "blah blah... The sample has been sent to Avast Virus Labs automatically."
2: you have not joined
Change the text to "blah blah... This sample has not been sent to Avast Labs. Please join the Avast Community to have future samples send automatically. Thank you." and direct the user (after he did whatever action within the pop-up) to the GUI->Settings->Community to have him opt in to that.

(@Avast devs: "blah blah..." is optional, you may replace that with meaningful text.  ::) )

Suspicious files IMHO, should NOT have a delete option in a dialog box, because something good or needed might be removed from the system.


I agree. "Move to chest" and "Ignore" for suspicious files.
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